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To your dream come true !

IRIS can change your life !!

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Strong support for     employment/   further  study  

 We support to pass higher-level universities.
Taking advantage of that there are many companies around here and many hires.

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Full attention of     teachers in small           classes!      

Raise the interest and motivation of learning.
We provide case studies, team teaching, small group classes, original teaching materials, supplementary lessons in long vacations, etc.

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・ Course guidance: Supporting the selection and decision of a course that suits individual goals.
・ Instruction on Japanese culture and customs
・ Interview guidance
We will do our best to support students from all sides.

Excellent teachers

supporting to pass the Japanese language test N3 for 6 months .

In addition, we will continue to study for  passing of N2 and N1. The passing rate has improved dramatically year by year.

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Pass rate for        JLPT          

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It takes only 5 minute from school to one of dormitory by walk.
There are banks, post offices, supermarkets, and foreign food stores nearby, making it a very convenient area for daily life.

Environment that is   convenient for daily life

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・Part-time job support
・In case of illness, we will       accompany you to the          hospital.
・ Visa renewal procedure       support
・ Life advice in Japan

・ Japanese culture guidance 

Support life in Japan

The Reason I chose this school

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