When I was young, I chose to travel abroad and explore other countries. I lived in the US and Brazil and enjoyed my time there and all my experiences. I realized once I returned home to Japan how wonderful my home country is ! I had missed it and gained a new appreciation for all Japan has to offer. It has been almost a quarter of a century since then, and I hope that young people from overseas will be able to learn about Japan's history, culture and the Japanese people, deepen their understanding, and become more fond of Japan and the Japanese people. , Iris Japanese Language School has opened. Iris is derived from the Greek word for rainbow. I sincerely hope that students who study Japanese at our school will be active in and support Japan in the near future, and that they will be a part of the fabric of Japan together with us !

Iris Japanese Language School was established in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture in 2005. It was based on the philosophy of opening a school where foreign young people with high aspirations can learn Japanese, play an active part in the international community in the future, and develop a bridge between Japan and their home country. Established in the city, students who have a clear goal of studying at Japanese universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools and seeking employment in Japan are gathered together with strong determination and are working hard to learn Japanese and Japanese culture. Our school staff explores the educational methods necessary to support the student's self-realization, formulates detailed educational plans for each individual, and unites the entire school with the keyword "continuity is power!".  We have an enthusiastic staff who will be close to you in preparation for the “EJU” and “Japanese Language Proficiency Test”, career guidance, and future life planning. We are entering an era where the Asian region is becoming increasingly important worldwide. I sincerely hope that students will gain the necessary skills and confidence to achieve their goals when they graduate our school.

Go Oyamada
Naoto Matsui

Welcome To  IRIS !!

in the future

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