Supporting like a family 


Foods/ Shopping 

The dormitory for exclusive use of our school student is available the day you step into Japan.
  • (Sharing a room for 2 or 4 people)

  • bed,desk,air-conditioner,shower,fridge,washing machine,microwave,(wifi)

There are various school events where you can experience Japanese traditions and culture.

Cherry blossom viewing, Tanabata Festival, Christmas party, Setsubun, bowling tournament, Kyoto trip etc.

There is a supermarket with ingredients from Vietnam, China, Thailand and Brazil.

5-minute walk to Meitetsu Komaki Station, it is very convenient to go to Nagoya or go sightseeing a little further away.

Airport pick-up

We will meet you at the airport at the time of first arrival to Japan.

Regular health check

To get a healthy life in Japan, you take a medical checkup once a year.

Life consultation

If you have any difficulties in learning Japanese or living, faculty and staff will always consult with you.

In case of illness, we will accompany you to the hospital.

Part-time job support 

We provide consultation about your part-time job

Convenience store, restaurant business, factory etc

Bank, post office and city hall are nearby and very convenient.

Expenses for living in Japan

case A

rent                   ¥15,000

utility                 ¥5,000(electricity/gas)¥1000(water)

food                  ¥15,000~¥20,000

entertainmet    ¥10,000~¥15,000 

sundries          ¥2,000~¥4,000 

phone           ¥4,000~¥10,000

rent             ¥15,000

utility             ¥3,500~¥5,000

food                  ¥15,000

entertainment    ¥10,000 

sundries          ¥5,000

phone           ¥10,000

case B

rent              ¥20,000(live with 2people)

utility              ¥10,000

food             ¥10,000~

entertainment   ¥10,000 

sundries           ¥3,000

phone            ¥17,500(+internet)

the case living in domitory

Main annual events

        April・・・2year course entrance ceremony

              Medical check up

                       Cherry-blossom viewing

         May・・・Welcome party for new students

                       Education consultation

                       JLPT  test

        June・・・Education consultation

                       EJU test

         July・・・JLPT test

                       Speech contest

                       Tanabata festival                  

     August・・・Summer vacation

            Supplementary classes

September・・・Education consultation

    October・・・1year and a half course entrance ceremony

                       Start of various school applications

                       medical check up

 November・・・EJU test

                       Visa renewal

                       Education consultation

 December・・・JLPT test

                       Graduation trip

                       Winter vacation


  February・・・Education consultation

                      Graduation presentation

     March・・・Graduation ceremony

                      Spring vacation

in the future

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